Machining on different planes

The principal characteristics of tube bending unit:
  • Flexibility of placement on the benches to accommodate the various tube forms to be worked on
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Bends and curves can be created on different planes, giving the possibility to create infinite curves in a short space.

Tubes of iron, stainless steel, aluminium and a range of other materials may be bent. 

Complete control of the bending process

MTS is capable of undertaking any bending work, and also offers a consultancy service: we are able to design complete custom projects for any type of product.

Our CNC bending machines allow us to make products for all customer needs, respecting the highest quality standards as required by industrial and commercial sectors.


We will shape tubes in custom orders: contact us via the form here to ask for a personalised quote for small, medium and large runs. 

Ask for a quote for tube processing

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